Books and movies in Spanish

For acquiring new vocabulary and practicing your Spanish at home, we offer you the possibility to use our library and video library - borrow books and DVD home. 

The access to our library and video library is granted free of charge to all our students, as well as for a symbolic price to everyone (with ClubSéneca membership).


Our book colllection has more than 850 books in Spanish: 

  • translated literature (such authors as Steinbeck, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, A.Christie, The Brontë Sisters, Kafka, Orwell, Verne, Remarque etc.)
  • Spanish literature (I.Allende, A.Gala, F. de Quevedo, G.G. Marques, M. de Cervantes, Lorca, E. Mendoza, J.Cortázar etc.)
  • Adapted literature (short stories for different levels of Spanish, from A1 to B2)

Video library

Our DVD collection contains more than 400 movies in Spanish - comedies, dramas, action movies, documentaries and movies of other genres. The collection offers Spanish original films as well as movies from other countries (dubbed in Spanish) with and without subtitles.