Regular Spanish courses

The duration of these courses is 1 semester or 5 months (September-January, February-June), in total 76 academic hours.

Regular Spanish courses allow you to learn the language systematicaly, without rush, securing the knowledge and practicing Spanish with the help of different classroom activities. Spanish course is not only a chance to get away from daily routine and rush, but also an opportunity for learning something new and for investing in oneself.

Course description

The duration of these courses is 1 semester or 5 months (September-January, February-June), in total 76 academic hours.

The lessons in the regular Spanish course are held in small groups of 5-9 people. The course is taught by teachers from Spain, whose native language is Spanish and to whom the language teaching is the main profession.

The duration of the lesson is 2 academic hours (in total 90min). Classes are held twice a week: 

  • on Mondays and Wednesdays or
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

The regular Spanish courses are offered at the following levels:

  • A1 (beginners),  
  • A2,  
  • B1 (the course length is 2 semesters - B1.1. un B1.2.),  
  • B2 (the course length is 2 semesters - B2.1. un B2.2.),  
  • C1  (the course length is 2 semesters - C1.1. un C1.2.) 

The language is taught with the communicative method which allows students to acquire not only grammar knowledge, but also to develop conversational skills, to get used to the sound of a foreign language faster and overcome the psychological barrier sooner.


Lessons of the regular Spanish course are held in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening too (depending on the particular level/group). The available timetable is as follows: 

  • 10:00 – 11:30
  • 16:30 – 18:00
  • 18:15 – 19:45
  • 20:00 – 21:30

    For consulting the existing timetable, please contact us by email to, by phone +371 67282858 or cell +371 27266226.


    The payment for the course is to be made during the first week of the course (by a bank transfer). The course fee can be paid in a one-time payment (lump sum) or in a split payment (in total 5 payments, each till the 15th date of the current month).

    The price of the regular Spanish course is:

     Split payment
     Standard price 4350€87€
     5% discount 313.25€82.66€
    10% discount 391.50€ 78.30€
    15% discount 369.75€ 73.96€
    20% discount 378€ 69.60€

    We offer different discounts for the course fee: 

    • 5% – for students (with a valid Student ID) (also with ISIC or ITIC cards)
    • 5% – loyalty discount (continuing studies after the 1st semester)
    • 5% – for direct family members (parents-children, brothers-sisters) 
    • 10%* – recommendation discount, by recommending SCC Séneca to your friends 
    • 15 % – for members of flamenco dance school "Duende"
    • 15 % – for members of flamenco dance school "Sol Flamenco" 

    The total possible discount – 15% (except, the recommendation discount). By paying for the course in a one-time payment (lump-sum) at the beginning of the semester, you will receive course text-books for free. * – Recommendation discount is applied for each friend, who begins the course at our centre (makes at least 1 payment). The recommendation discount can be combined with other discounts.

    The course fee also includes the access to the book and movie collection of the centre, as well as the possibility to practice the Spanish language at weekly activities about Spanish culture and interest clubs, as well as cooking workshops.

    For our regular Spanish courses we use text-books from Spain - Nuevo Avance, Aula Internacional. The text-books can be bought at our centre and their prices a

      • Aula Internacional Plus 1 (A1) - 30.00€
      • Aula Internacional 1 (A1) – 30.00
      • Aula Internacional Plus 2 (A2) -   30.00€
      • Aula Internacional 2 (A2) – 30.00
      • Aula Internacional 3 (B1)  – 30.00€
      • Aula Internacional 4 (B2.1)  – 25.65€
      • Aula Internacional 5 (B2.2.)  – 25.65€
      • C de C1 (C1) - 32.00€

    Course registration

    To register for the regular Spanish course, please contact us by e-mail: or by phone: +371 67282858 or cell +371 27266226.

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