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About us

Spanish cultural centre Séneca (SCC Séneca) is a private institution of non-formal education. The main idea of the centre is to combine language learning with immersion in Spanish culture. The centre is open to those who want to learn Spanish and for those who already know it, want to practice it and enjoy a piece of Spain here in Latvia. 

We offer to learn and practice the Spanish language, to get to know the culture of Spain, and also provide translation services in the following combination: Latvian-Spanish-Latvian (we specialize in educational documents and juridical texts). Teachers of our centre are from Spain and they are specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. They are professionals in their field and teaching Spanish is their call. 

In order to popularize Spanish culture in Latvia we collaborate with other educational institutions and local enterprises related to the culture of Spain.

Our centre provide not only Spanish courses, but also a possibility to practice the language, because in addition to language lessons there is a wide range of extracurricular activities for getting to know Spanish culture, music, art, society, Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. More detailed information on Activities.

With this goal in mind - educate and become acquainted – we founded the Spanish cultural centre Séneca, which carries the name of the world wide known Cordobian philosopher Seneca and whose cognition has become our inspiration and motto: DOCENDO DISCIMUS - By teaching, we learn.


Street Kr. Barona 62, 4th floor, Riga, LV-1011
Phone: 27266226
e-mail: seneca@seneca.lv

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