Immerse in Spanish culture and brighten up your life
Practice your Spanish, get to know Spain and make new friends


To learn Spanish more successfully, we also offer the possibility to practice it in various interest clubs and activities about the culture of Spain. Practice your Spanish in a positive atmosphere and relax after a long working week!

The activities below are available only for students of our centre and members (ClubSeneca+ membership). 


Regular activities:

Charlas | presentations-discussions about different topics related to Spain and other Spanish speaking countries and their culture. These presentations are in Spanish with translation in Latvian or English, therefore they also are appropriate for beginners.

Tardes de cine | Movie evenings, during which students can get acquainted with less known Spanish or Latin American movies with subtitles in Spanish or English.

Talleres de cocina | Cooking workshops – a perfect way how to immerse in Spanish culture is through its gastronomy. Every month we organize cooking workshops free of charge for our students and members, during which we cook and try the food together. 

Fiestas | Parties - and, of course, parties. There is no immersion without them. But these are parties with a cultural programme and different activities for not only having fun but also for getting to know Spanish culture and Spaniards themselves. 

Interest clubs:

The groups of interests are designed for practicing Spanish in addition to regular activities. Each semester a new group is organized which workds on achieving a specific result - a play, movie or magazine "Los Senecanos".

Grupo de teatro | Theatre group – Participation in a play in Spanish is one of the ways how to practice the language outside the classroom. It helps to develop communication skills, since the role has to be studied and Spanish is used during rehearsals. These plays are presented at the parties of our centre on Christmas and at the end of the academic year. 

Taller de cine | Cinema workshop – If you like cinema, movie direction and film making, this activity will be perfect for you. The meetings are held twice a month during which students work together on creating a movie from scratch. The knowledge of Spanish of at least A2 level is required. Check out all the videos created by our cinema workshop

Taller de prensa | Press club – Practice your Spanish by editing the magazine "Los Senecanos" – opinion articles, interviews and news articles. The meetings are held twice a month during which students discuss and plan the content and common work, and create a new issue of the magazine "Los Senecanos. The knowledge of Spanish of at least A2 level is required. Read the latest issue of "Los Senecanos"