Learn Spanish and relax in Spain!
Travel around Valencia, try the famous paella and enjoy the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea

Spanish courses in Spain

In collaboration with our friends - Spanish language school “2DayLanguages” – we offer to learn and practice Spanish in Valencia, Spain.

All current, former students and members of our centre who apply for these courses through us receive a discount of 25% for any type of Spanish courses in "2Day Languages". 

“2DayLanguages” offers a possibility to study Spanish at all levels (A1-C2). The minimal course duration is 1 week. Courses are designed so that students can learn modern Spanish and also practice it not only during classes but also in real life situations by taking part in school' s cultural activities or by visiting Valencia together with teachers and group mates.

The available courses:

  • “Español general” (4h/day, 20h  a week) – this course will help to improve communication skills, revise the grammar and improve listening and reading skills too. 
  • “Español + Bono Cultura” (5h a day, 25h a week) – in addition to 4h classes this course offers students to get to know Spanish culture in lectures. This course is designed for those who want to study Spanish art, history and architecture. Prices
  • “Español + Bono Cocina” (5h a day, 25h a week) – in addition to 4h classes this course provides the possibility to practice conversational Spanish by cooking together different Spanish recipes.  Prices
  • “Español + Bono Mix” (26h a week) – a little bit of the aforementioned. Suitable for those who want to immerse completely into the world of the Spanish language and culture.  Prices

General course fee: starting from 160.00€/week. Detailed information on course fees: Pricelist of Spanish courses in Valencia

"2Day Languages" also offers different types of accommodation - with host families, student dorms, shared or individual apartments.